Griö: A Labor of Love

Griö: A Labor of Love

Griö first started out as an idea back in 2016. At two months postpartum, I was a full-time attorney, MBA candidate, and brand-new mom to a breast- and bottle-fed baby. This was the most stressful period of my life, and I often found myself lamenting about the insurmountable stresses of the feeding routine. My days were jam-packed with work and class while my “breaks” were dedicated to pumping, bottle washing, and 2 a.m. breastfeeding sessions.

I was burning the candle at both ends and desperately looking for solutions that both addressed my child’s needs and acted as a tool to help me run my busy life. My parenting moments were precious and extremely valuable—I wanted every bonding opportunity to be meaningful and impactful. As the saying goes: Quality, not quantity. 

It was at this point that the idea for a better way to feed started to take shape. The responsibilities of life can intensify the very real feelings of mom guilt we all have. This inspired my mission to reimagine and intensify parental bonds in a realistic and results-driven way with the launch of Griö bottles. 

Hi! I’m Lydia. a mom and engineering professor. My journey to Griö started in the NICU. NICU families have round-the-clock concerns like meeting growth challenges and battling the increased risks of postpartum depression. Our guilt is only intensified by the feeling that we failed to provide a full-term pregnancy. Compounding this stressful time are the elongated and challenging feeds that commonly plague NICU families, like acid reflux and colic, which contributed to our 12 hour-a-day feeding routine. I looked for tools on the market to address the exacerbated guilt and pressures families like mine often feel while in the depths of a long NICU stay. 

Upon meeting my co-founder, I learned that many of my concerns were unspoken challenges that most parents faced (albeit to different degrees). That’s why we set out to revamp the feeding routine to help all parents better bond with their babies. Together we are excited to provide a flexible feeding system that is designed to include all the many parenting experiences. We know that you will love Griö bottles as much as we do and we hope that you find joy as you and your baby explore your new journeys together. 


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