Dara is a mom and former attorney. At 2 months post-partum, she was burning the candle at both ends as a new mom with a full-time legal career and business school. She created Griö to offer solutions that addressed the needs of babies and acted as a tool to help caretakers run their busy life. "The responsibilities of life can intensify the very real feelings of mom-guilt we all have. This is why my goal is to re-imagine and intensify parental bonds in a realistic and results-driven way."

Lydia is a mom, engineering professor. Her journey to Griö started in the NICU with round-the-clock concerns like meeting growth challenges and bonding with her newborns while separated. Compounding this stressful time-period was the elongated and challenging feeds that commonly plague NICU families. Issues like acid reflux and colic contributed to her 12 hr/day feeding routine. Her days of early parenting inspired her to create tools that address the extreme guilt and pressures NICU families feel while in the depths of a long NICU stay.

Upon meeting each other, we learned that many of our concerns were unspoken challenges that most parents faced...to various degrees. That's why we invented a flexible feeding system that is designed to include all the many parenting experiences. We hope that you find joy as you and your baby explore your new journeys together.