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Anti-Colic baby bottles are just the beginning. 

Optimal Feeding with Science-Backed Baby Bottles

Discover the future of infant nourishment with Griö's anti-colic baby bottles. Designed with precision to go beyond mere feeding, our bottles are a beacon of innovation in the baby care market, supporting both the emotional and cognitive development of your little one.

Explore the Griö Bottle Advantage

Advanced Anti-Colic Design: Our anti-colic baby bottles are engineered to prevent colic and discomfort, offering a feeding experience that's as calm as it is nourishing. The state-of-the-art venting system ensures a peaceful mealtime by reducing air ingestion.

Premium Quality Materials: Each Griö baby bottle is composed of the highest standard materials including Greenguard Certified Tritan and BPA-free silicone, safeguarding your baby’s health by eliminating exposure to harmful chemicals.

Nipple Innovation for Natural Latch: Embrace seamless feeding transitions with Griö’s meticulously designed nipples that cater to both regular and preemie bottle needs, imitating natural breastfeeding to enhance your baby's innate feeding rhythm.

Specialized Systems for Holistic Development

Sense Me SystemSpecially crafted to hold and emit your comforting maternal scent, our anti-colic baby bottles enrich bonding, helping to soothe and relax infants during and after feeding, even when you're apart.

Tell Me SystemEnhance your baby's early language acquisition and emotional understanding with our baby bottles that showcase a diversity of empathetic facial expressions, bold contrasting imagery, and storytelling capabilities.

Hold Me System: Griö's innovative bottles encourage babies to explore and interact, fostering independence and sensory-motor skills through intuitive design and sensory play.

Rigorous Science for Supporting Preemie babies

Our anti-colic and preemie bottles are not just about feeding—they're about providing a nurturing experience rooted in rigorous research. Every Griö bottle is a testament to our dedication to combining scientific insights with practical design to benefit your baby’s development and weight gain.

Join the Griö Parenting Journey

Step into a world where feeding is transformed into a developmental milestone with Griö’s anti-colic baby bottles. Browse our scientifically-crafted selection and choose the perfect bottle for your child's needs.