How did you come up with the name, Griö?

We named our company after the West African Griot (pronounced gree-yoh). Griots are storytellers, musicians and oral historians of their communities who are in charge of passing down the genealogies, historical narratives, and oral traditions of their people. 

We believe that all caretakers are Griots and are the stewards for developing babies. Griö bottles encourage parents to tell stories and grow their baby's imagination or to expand what they feel and touch to encourage exploration 

How do I properly assemble the bottle nipple to prevent leakage?

Griö's nipples are designed for optimal latch and flow. Please see video for proper alignment to prevent leakage.

How do I clean my bottles?

We recommend hand washing Griö bottles and bases with warm soapy water or by using the top rack of your dishwasher.

What is Tritan?

Griö baby bottles are made with Greenguard certified Tritan. Our bottles are non-toxic, BPA free and completely free of estrogenic and androgenic activity. 

I enjoy direct eye contact with my newborn during feeds. Will Griö bottles disrupt that?

Your baby and their needs change throughout the feeding journey. That's why our bases are detachable. Use the base when your baby wants to engage or without during the times that you observe them to be less engaged. Engagement will continue to evolve as the baby grows. 

When can my baby use the visual base?

Griö's detachable Tell Me base is designed for use as soon as your baby is born. The images are simple and  not meant to be overwhelming. As your baby gets older, they will become increasingly awake, more alert and ready to explore their environment.

When can my baby use the bonding base?

Griö's detachable Sense Me base is designed for immediate use. Smell is one of the first senses that develop in the womb for babies. 

When can my baby use the tactile base?

Griö's detachable Hold Me base is designed for use when your baby is becoming more interested in reaching out to grasp objects (will vary for different babies and can be around 4-5 months)

Can I create my own images for the Tell Me Base?

You'll be able to customize your own story cards in 2023! follow us @griobaby.com to stay updated on its release. 

Which system should I start with?

We recommend starting with the Sense Me system and/or the Tell Me System for your newborn. 

What is the difference between the Preemie kits and the other kits?

Preemie kits include the same base accessories as the other kits but are configured with two 4 oz bottles (instead of an 8 oz and 4 oz bottle). These smaller bottles, typically used by newborns and smaller babies, allow babies and parents to grow at their own into consuming larger volumes of milk. 

Sales of preemie edition kits support NICU parents through Hand to Hold. Hand to Hold provides support to NICU families before, during and after the NICU stay. Check then out here and learn why we're donating 10% of preemie edition sales to this wonderful organization . 


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