Feeding can be less stressful & about more than milk

Green Heart

Create Positive Interactions for Growth

Enriched early inputs promote brain development and emotional bonding between baby and caretaker.

Red Bottle

Extend the Breastfeeding Journey

True to life silicone nipple design mimics breast to reduce nipple confusion.

Grey Logo

Naturally Address Feeding Issues

Enhanced sensory experiences maximize engagement to increase milk consumption and reduce common feeding discomforts.

Purple Eye

Toxin Free Material

Our ergonomically designed bottles are made with GreenGuard certified Tritan. Free of BPA and estrogenic/androgenic compounds to reduce toxicity and premature hormonal development.

Whether you are
pregnant and wanting the best life start for your baby
a new parent stressed by the feeding routine
or a returning new parent searching for creative innovations that can enrich your feeding adventure

Griö bottles are thoughtfully designed to elevate the feeding experience for all caretakers. Griö understands that your baby's needs are always changing and that your bottle should too.

Dara Chike-Obi
Lydia Contreras

About Us

Dara is a mom and former attorney. At 2 months post-partum, she was burning the candle at both ends as a new mom with a full-time legal career and business school. She created Griö to offer solutions that addressed the needs of babies and acted as a tool to help caretakers run their busy life. "The responsibilities of life can intensify the very real feelings of mom-guilt we all have. This is why my goal is to re-imagine and intensify parental bonds in a realistic and results-driven way."

Lydia is a mom, engineering professor. Her journey to Griö started in the NICU with round-the-clock concerns like meeting growth challenges and bonding with her newborns while separated. Compounding this stressful time-period was the elongated and challenging feeds that commonly plague NICU families. Issues like acid reflux and colic contributed to her 12 hr/day feeding routine. Her days of early parenting inspired her to create tools that address the extreme guilt and pressures NICU families feel while in the depths of a long NICU stay.

Upon meeting each other, we learned that many of our concerns were unspoken challenges that most parents faced...to various degrees. That's why we invented a flexible feeding system that is designed to include all the many parenting experiences. We hope that you find joy as you and your baby explore your new journeys together.

  • 2022 Innovation Grant Award

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  • Austin Woman (January 2023)

    Griö Revolutionizes Bottle Time

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  • Best Product - Gear/Accessories

    Griö has been named amongst the best family friendly products by the prestigious Mom's Choice Awards.


  • ★★★★★
    Now that I’ve used them a few times, I can’t express enough how much I love, love, love your bottles! The bottle itself doesn’t leak and the milk doesn’t spill out of his mouth. I don’t even need a burp cloth. He’s not taking in too much air and his little mouth fits perfectly around the nipple.
  • ★★★★★
    The bottle was well accepted by our son. He definitely enjoyed having handles to hold the bottle and he accepted the nipple well.
  • ★★★★★
    The ergonomics of the bottle is very easy to handle for the feeder. The graduated bottle allows for easy monitoring. The bottle nipple allows for a good suction which avoids colic, air swallowing and gassiness in the baby. I love this bottle!
  • Amber - Doula (TX)
  • Abraham - Dad to 1 yr. Old. (TX)
  • Dr. Ugonna Chike-Obi. Neonatologist and grandmother of 2.