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Feeding can be less stressful & more about than milk

Sense Me System

Use maternal (and/or paternal) smell to promote comfort and bonding, even while away.

Tell Me System

Promote early language skills through storytelling during feeds

Hold Me System

Promote curiosity, independence and motor skills by encouraging the baby to reach for and hold their own bottle

Baby Feeding System

Enhanced sensory experiences maximize engagement to increase milk consumption and reduce common feeding discomforts.

Feeding Accessories

Our feeding accessories range encompasses an array of essential tools designed to streamline and enhance the feeding process for your baby.

Preemie Products

Our Preemie editions promote early language development, and increase empathy and emotional well-being.

Feedings are so Much Easier

“This is a great investment. I’m grateful for this company. It’s helped me a lot when I’m on daddy duty"

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Whether you are

✔ pregnant and wanting the best life start for your baby
✔ a new parent stressed by the feeding routine
✔ or a returning new parent searching for creative innovations that can enrich your feeding adventure

Griö bottles are thoughtfully designed to elevate the feeding experience for all caretakers. Griö understands that your baby's needs are always changing and that your bottle should too.

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Griö Sense Me Feeding System
Griö Sense Me Feeding System

Griö Sense Me Feeding System

Regular price $35.99
Griö Hold Me Feeding System
Griö Hold Me Feeding System

Griö Hold Me Feeding System

Regular price $35.99
Griö Tell Me Feeding System
Griö Tell Me Feeding System

Griö Tell Me Feeding System

Regular price $35.99

Find out why parents love
Grio baby feeding systems and accessories.

Fits perfectly around the nipple

"I have a two week-oldbaby that had difficulty latching. I was introduced to Grio bottles by my OBGYN. These bottles are so needed and are better than the ones we have bought. When using my Griö Feeding System, my baby had a more pleasant feeding experience"


I love this bottle!

"Hi! We just had our son two months ago. Unfortunately he hasn’t been eating well so we were referred to you by our speech therapist. Our son has Down syndrome and has been having reflux and aspirating. We tried one of your bottles and he seemed to have been doing better. Thank you so much!"


He definitely enjoyed having handles

"I am a father of a nine month old baby, who needed to develop, who was premature and is currently learning how to hold her bottle. Griö was recommended by my high risk follow-up clinic that identifies developmental, nutritional and related health problems early. My baby had difficulty latching due to his small mouth and is used to narrow bottles. However, he was able to grip Griö bottles easier than anything we’ve tried"


Dad to 1 yr. Old. (TX)

"My daughter used this from the minute she came home from the hospital.. she said it was one of her favorite gifts that she got. The baby is breastfed but they use a pump and these." 



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