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Preemie Feedings: From the NICU to Home

By: Vedria Millage, LCSW

Navigating the NICU: Embracing the Journey with Preemie-Focused Care

Embarking on the voyage of parenthood, the last thing one expects is to start the journey in the NICU, yet this is a reality for many families. The complexities that NICU parents face, from the delicate balance of life's responsibilities to the tender care of a premature baby is overwhelming. The societal expectations of parenting can weigh heavily, often magnifying the pressures when your baby requires extra care.

When my journey into motherhood took a detour through the NICU after my baby arrived at 26 weeks, I faced the profound challenges of premature birth. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a NICU mom, the unexpected transition to a nearly three-month stay in the NICU was overwhelming. This period was filled with an array of emotions and a steep learning curve, especially regarding feeding my preemie.

Breastfeeding, a practice I eagerly anticipated, became a complex puzzle to solve. With my son's initial inability to breastfeed, I discovered the power of pumping breastmilk. The evolution from tube feeding to bottle-feeding was gradual but significant, marking each day with progress, however small. The NICU experience taught me resilience, adaptability, and the vital importance of selecting the right feeding tools—ones that cater specifically to the unique needs of preemies.

Few products are tailored to support NICU parents and their delicate infants. Almost no bottles are designed with preemies in mind, ensuring that every feeding supports their development and growth. The journey from tube feeding to bottle feeding, and perhaps to breastfeeding, should be made smoother with carefully crafted bottles that mimic the breastfeeding experience. This is crucial for preemies who need to learn the intricacies of suckling, swallowing, and breathing.

As discharge day approaches and parents prepare for the new normal at home, questions and concerns about feeding can become overwhelming. It's essential to have a bottle that your preemie can latch onto comfortably and confidently, enabling a seamless transition from NICU to home.

Through the trials and triumphs of NICU parenting, self-care and community support remain paramount. Here are some strategies to balance care with your well-being:

  • Plan rest as diligently as you would any critical appointment.
  • Relish in moments of peace, whether through a leisurely shower or a quiet cup of tea.
  • Accept and solicit help from your network, allowing them to assist with caregiving.
  • Practice mindfulness to stay anchored in the present, appreciating each moment with your baby.
  • Disconnect from digital distractions to create spaces of serenity for yourself.
  • Transform your commute into a peaceful interlude with activities that soothe your soul.

Remember, your choice of how to feed your preemie doesn't define your success as a parent. What matters most is the loving bond you form and the assurance that your baby's nutritional needs are met. 

As you tread the path of parenting, with its unexpected turns and tender moments, remember that your rest is non-negotiable and your support system is invaluable. Through this, you'll soon step into a world where preemie care is understood and embraced, and where every feeding moment is optimized for your little one's well-being.

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